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Limousine Touring Guide

Limousine Touring Guide


It seems everywhere you look in the Wine Country these days a sleek stretched limousine is gliding gracefully into view. Think these are all filled with movie stars, business tycoons, and splurge spenders? Well, think again .

Increasingly, limousines are main-stream transportation filled with regular people, just like you, who are simply out to enjoy a day in the Wine Country. So why the fancy wheels? Because limousine touring offers at least five big advantages:

1. Competence.

Limousine drivers are professionals.

They focus on safe driving so you can focus on the scenery, the wine, and your traveling companions.

2. Confidence.

Limousine companies specializing in Wine Country tours know the area, distances, and local driving conditions. They will get you where you want to go, when you want to be there.

3. Convenience.

You go to the Wine Country to relax and enjoy, not to  worry about traffic and directions and parking. Limousine services take care of the worrisome details so you can relax and have fun.

4. Comfort.

Ah, there’s nothing nicer than sitting on those sumptuous leather seats, sipping sparkling, as the Wine Country slips silently by.

5. Cost.

Limousine touring isn’t as expensive as you think. Call for pricing. You may be pleasantly surprised.