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Finding a good (or better yet), a Great wine!

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Finding a good (or better yet), a Great wine!

When touring Wine Country, you’re probably looking for a great wine in addition to experiencing all the wonderful landscapes and architecture the region has to offer.

Your driver and tour guide with Boutique Wine Tours will no doubt recommend a plethora of palate-pleasing selections based on your preferences, and your tasting destinations will present several opportunities to sample these and more which will ultimately contribute toward expanding your appreciation of fine wine.

But there are also a few facts you can learn from just a bit of research to give you some additional knowledge that will make the results of your ongoing searches even more enjoyable… and they are:


The year the grapes were harvested and crushed to make the wine. 2007 for instance was thought by many to be the Vintage of the Decade in California with 2008 not far behind.

And my rule for when to drink most California wines is 5-8 years from vintage for Reds and 1-3 years for Whites. Of course there are always exceptions, and when you consider the remaining two factors you’ll understand why.


The location(s) and viticultural area the where the grapes were grown.For example, Napa is typically known best for Cabernet Sauvignon while the Russian River and Anderson Valleys excel at Pinot Noir. And let’s not forget the Carneros region which is the source for some outstanding Chardonnay fruit.

Producer and/or (Consulting) Winemaker

And I say “and/or” Winemaker because there are some incredible wineries with incredible Winemakers that also make (sometimes lower cost) wines for other wineries as well their own private lable(s)

Take Winemaker Jeff Gaffner for instance… he’s been around wine since he was a young boy and makes wine at multiple wineries including a second label (STEPHANIE) for HESTAN, a top producer of Napa Cabs, his own label SAXON BROWN, with some outstanding Zinfandel and currently RAM’S GATE near Sears Point Sonoma Raceway where he’s vinifying some incredible Cabernet, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

And there are many more “Celebrity” winemakers who do double duty and more and I urge you to seek them out.

I think you’ll see if you do just a little homework regarding your passion for wine… you’ll be glad you did!

And here’s a wine recommendation from a recent drinking experience:

St. Francis 2008 Merlot Sonoma County $19.95/b Smooth and elegant with classic flavors of cherry, chocolate and plum (I found it on sale for $9.95/b and bought cases!)

Just a delicious wine from the 2008 vintage, drinking very well in my 5-8 year window From grapes grown in the Sonoma and Russian River Valley vineyards Vinified by Tom Mackey, a Merlot Master, who left St. Francis in 2011.
(See, my trio of facts can actually work)!

Cheers until next time!

Ric Romano
Oenophile, Wine Country Photographer, Wine Consultant